About Us

Next Generation Products, Inc. dba NDR Trading is a leading distributor to many supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants all across the United States.  We specialize in imported food products from all over Asia, including but not limited to Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  With our ever growing selection of products, we strive for the best in quality and cost and continue to grow our offering by selecting only what we think is the best.  Many of our products, such as rice noodles, are staples for the Asian household.

Aside from the staple items, we also carry healthier snack options such as dried fruit and vegetable chips.  Many of these snacks can be located at the smallest to some of the biggest Asian supermarket chains in the nation.  We also are a major supplier to bakeries with quality products to be used in baked goods, such as red bean and mung bean paste.

We have seasonal items, as well, for the holidays.  It is tradition to give gifts to friends and family during the holidays. In preparation for the Mid-Autumn Festival, we carry some of the highest quality moon cakes in a beautiful tin gift box.  For Lunar New Year, we offer a gift box with assorted candies and dried goods.

We are proud to be able to introduce to you our selection of products that we have worked hard on to continue to selectively refine.  We look forward to meeting and hearing from you soon!


Next Generation Products, Inc. dba NDR Trading
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